CHEC Held Chinese and Foreign Standards Comparison and Chinese Standards Promotion Seminar
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On December 12, CHEC invited the experts of British Standards Institution (BSI) in China to hold a seminar on Chinese and foreign standards comparison and Chinese standards promotion in the Company’s headquarters. The meeting was held under the leadership of CHEC’s technology department.

At the seminar, deputy chief engineer Liu Shijing introduced the engineering fields CHEC involved in overseas, the standards it applied and the barriers arising from the difference between the standards of different countries to the experts present at the seminar. Mr. Charles, an expert of BSI in China introduced the detailed process of preparation, issuance and implementation of European standards and British standards, and made an analysis on the preparation process and implementation characteristics of Chinese standards from the perspective of foreign experts.

Through the discussion, both parties thought there was a broad cooperation space in such fields as study and preparation of engineering standards, especially that they could take substantive measures in the aspects of Chinese standards translation, examination and promotion to make Chinese standards “go global” and make the technological development of Chinese building enterprises obtain wider international recognition.