CHEC Communicated and Implemented the Spirit of SASAC s Video Conference about Safety in Production of Central Enterprises
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On the afternoon of July 5, the safety committee of CHEC held a special meeting at the headquarters, communicating and implementing the spirit of a video conference about safety in production of center enterprises held by SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) on July 4, and deployed the inspection of safety in production to firmly contain the occurrence of major and serious production safety accidents.

At the meeting, the safety committee reported SASAC’s analysis on the national production safety situation at present, pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the production safety situation of central enterprises had been very grim, with a lot of accidents and that the overseas accidents also increased. CHEC should pay much attention to it. Taking the opportunity of national inspection of production safety, the Company should actively adopts innovative inspection way to realize “complete coverage, zero tolerance, strict enforcement of law, focusing on practical result”, develop the role of “safety supervision team, technical expert team and staff team”, establish the awareness that “With safety first and life supreme, development should not be at the cost of people’s life”, “an enterprise without safety guarantee cannot be a global first-class enterprise” and “Everyone is responsible for safety in production and safety guarantee depends on all of us”; in the seven important links of the safety inspection, the Company should avoid formalism, should not hide the hidden trouble, should not ignore the untouched spots or clues, should not spare anybody’s sensibilities, should not cover other’s mistakes and should not be soft-hearted to promote the production safety management to a new level.