The Number of Wharf Concrete-blocks Installed in Qatar Doha Newport Project Reached 10 Thousand
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On May 23, the number of wharf concrete-blocks installed in Qatar Doha Newport Project reached 10 thousand, completing 28.92% of the total amount, ahead of the project reference plan. This shows that a phased achievement has been made in the construction of wharf major structure of the project, which provides a powerful guarantee for the follow-up construction of the wharf structure.

Recently, it was increasingly hot in Doha, bringing difficulty to the concrete-block installation. The project department expressed that in the future construction; it would make persistent efforts, adhere to the cultural concept of “working miracles together”, carry forward the spirit of bear hardships and stand hard work, perform the project contract with a high quality and make the client satisfied.

Qatar Doha Newport Project is a dug-into port and the wharf is in solid concrete block gravity structure, with a total amount of 34,578 concrete blocks.