CHEC Signed 2013-2014 Overseas Project Blanket Insurance Agreement
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On May 20, CHEC held the “signing ceremony for 2013-2014 Overseas Project Blanket Insurance Agreement” and deputy president Wang Bo, on behalf of the Company, signed on the agreement together with Jiangtai Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd and other eight insurance companies.

Because of the uncontrollability of risks and difficult operability of insurance in overseas projects, the insurance arrangement for overseas engineering projects has always been a tough issue in the domestic and foreign insurance market. Based on years’ good brand value and relying on the high-quality overseas management mode and relatively complete risk management system, CHEC won the trust of the insurance companies. Finally, with the help of Jiangtai Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd, through five months’ efforts, the Company signed the overseas project blanket insurance agreement.

It is learned that this blanket insurance set a precedent for overseas projects of the domestic engineering enterprises and was widely concerned by the domestic and foreign insurance markets. The implementation of the engineering project blanket insurance work will be good for the Company to control the business risks, save management energy and premium cost, optimize the insurance capacity, perfect the insurance responsibility, promote the compliance operation and enhance the enterprise benefit.