CHEC Won the Bid for Safaniyah Trestle Project of Saudi Aramco
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On May 5, CHEC won the bid for Safaniyah Trestle Project of Saudi Aramco, with a contract amount of about USD 18 million and a construction period of 2 years.  

This project is located in Safaniyah, an eastern city of Saudi (80km away from Zavall in the direction to Kuwait). The work content of this project mainly included: major structure of the trestle, supporting structure and bracket structure of pipeline, new office, guard room and gate, access road, substation site and hoisting platform, power, communication, power supply and alarm and other relevant supporting facilities.  

This is the first time that CHEC has won the bid for the project of Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco is widely known for the highest standard, the strictest requirements and the most normative management in Audi. Since CHEC won the bid for the project of this company, it means that the Company has made much progress in preparation of bidding qualification examination and project management execution and this has a profound significance for the Company to set up a high-end brand image in Saudi and further expand the market of Saudi Arabia market.