The Current Prime Minister and Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Cut the Ribbon for the Second Penang Bridge Together
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On the afternoon of April 30, Najib, current Prime Minister of Malaysia, and Badawi, former Prime Minister, arrived at the site of main bridge of the Second Penang Bridge and accompanied by Soliman, board chairman of the client, and Fang Zhenru, general manager of the Second Penang Bridge project, cut the ribbon for the Second Penang Bridge.  

Looking backwards, in October, 2006, Wen Jiabao, Primer Minister of China at that time met Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia at that time in Nanning China and they agreed to cooperatively build the Second Cross-sea Penang Bridge with the concessional loan provided by Chinese government. On November 11, 2009, in Kuala Lumpur, witnessed by Hu Jintao, Chairman of China at that time, and Najib, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Export-Import Bank of China and the client of the Second Penang Bridge project signed the concessional loan agreement. Now, the Second Penang Bridge project is to be completed; its completion witnesses the increasingly deep friendship between China and Malaysia and expands the brand influence of CHEC in Malaysia.  

The Second Penang Bridge project is expected to complete in September, 2013, when the annual Penang International Marathon will start from the Second Penang Bridge.