President Lin Yichong Attended the Egyptian Chinese New Silk Road Business Forum
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On December 23, the “Egyptian Chinese New Silk Road Business Forum” was held in Beijing. Over 100 people, including Abdul Fattah el-Sisi President of Egypt, ministers of Egypt and Chinese and Egyptian business representatives, including CHEC President Lin Yichong, attended this forum.

At the forum, President Sisi introduced the overall present situation of Egypt, expressed the determination of Egyptian government to greatly develop the economy, welcomed Chinese enterprises to make investments in Egypt and hoped that Egypt and China could have multi-layer cooperation in different fields.

Lin Yichong, as the representative of Chinese enterprises, gave a speech at the forum. He briefly reviewed the project implementation and market development situation of CHEC in Egypt in the past years, expressed his confidence in and wish for deeply participating in the infrastructure development and construction of Egypt centering on China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the Egyptian Government’s “Suez Canal Corridor” strategy, and hoped to carry out mutually beneficial and complementary substantial cooperation with the Egyptian Government so as to make greater contributions to the economic construction of Egypt.

This forum deepens the understanding of the Egyptian Government departments about CHEC and lays a foundation for further promoting the follow-up projects.

On the second day, witnessed by President Sisi Lin Yichong signed two MOUs Dr. Hany Dahy – Minister of Transport of Egypt, and submitted Cooperation Intention Letter about grain silo and city development to the Minister of Supply and Domestic Trade of Egypt.