The Construction of all the Quay Main Structures of Doha Newport Project in Qatar was Completed Ahead of Schedule
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On November 30, the cast-in-place of the last quay breast wall of Doha Newport Project in Qatar was completed, marking that the quay main structures and concrete casting work of the project were completed ahead of schedule, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up construction of the project and water drainage of the harbor basin.

Since the concrete construction, the project department has strictly controlled the quality, increased the resource input, controlled the pre-casting and cast-in-place progress, detailed the production plan to everyday's plans and strictly implemented it. It completed the construction of all the quay structures at Node D, cast-in-place of yacht marina breast wall, cast-in-place of 2# container terminal breast wall, cast-in-place of 3# container terminal breast wall and cast-in-place of coast guard quay breast wall 116 days earlier than the reference plan.