The Eastern Breakwater of Adipala Maritime Project in Indonesia Passed the Handover Inspection
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On November 21, the Eastern Breakwater of Adipala Power Plant Maritime Project in Indonesia undertaken by CHEC was completed and passed the handover inspection.

The project is located at the southern side of Java Island, facing the Indian Ocean and it is in a construction environment of long-term surge interference, so the construction condition is severe, but the result proved the capability of the project team. It has accumulated rich construction experience for the follow-up maritime projects, such as Indian Ocean-side coastal power plant and cement plant for the Company and also further consolidated the Company's position in the hydraulic projects in this region.

The contract amount of this project is about USD 90 million and the construction period is 36 months. The construction work comprises of special coal unloading terminal for the coal fired power plant, eastern and western breakwater, bank protection work, dredging work and civil work.