CHEC Won Three Science and Technology Innovation Awards and Honors
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On October 30, at the 2014 Science and Technology Work Meeting and Award-giving Meeting of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management (CACEM) held in Beijing, “Development and application of a new breakwater structure on deep soft foundation – pier-type sheet-pile vertical breakwater” declared by CHEC, Tianjin Research Institute for Water Transport Engineering and CCCC First Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd. and “Research on key design and construction technology of using lagoon dry construction to construct deepwater port” declared by CHEC, CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and CCCC FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd. won the second prize of 2013 Science and Technology Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement of CACEM; CHEC won the title of 2013 “Advanced Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Innovation” of Science and Technology Award of CACEM. This is the first honorary title of advanced enterprise in scientific and technological innovation CHEC won.

The winning of these awards is the specific embodiment of the Company further implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and giving play to the leading and supporting role of scientific and technological innovation, and it also create a condition for the Company to get the supreme qualification and pass the new hi-tech enterprise audit.