Six Projects of CHEC Won CCCC 2015 High-quality Project Award
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On December 25th, CCCC issued the Notice about Announcing 2015 CCCC High-quality Projects (Zhong Jiao Gu An Fa [2015] No. 877). Colombo Port Southern Container Terminal Project in Sri Lanka, Lobito Port Expansion Project in Angola, the Second Penang Bridge Project in Malaysia, Jurong Shipyard Tuas South Phase I Project in Singapore, Air Kebir Sea 2°RM Naval Base Port Eastern Breakwater Reinforcement Project in Algeria and SOORIYAWEWA International Cricket Field in Sri Lanka declared by CHEC won this award.

CCCC High-quality Project Award is selected once every year. This event is aimed to summarize and publicize the achievements the units in the system of CCCC made in the project quality management aspect. The six winner projects of CHEC shows the full affirmation of CCCC about the Company’s quality management, but also displays the high overall quality level of the Company’s ongoing projects.