Mo Wenhe and Tang Zhongdong Made a Survey on American Regional Company and Called on President of Panama
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On December 21st, CHEC Chairman Mo Wenhe and Vice President Tang Zhongdong went to American Regional Company Panama Head Office for a survey and guidance on work.

Mr. Mo Wenhe listened to the work reports of Puerto Cabello New Container Terminal Project Department in Venezuela and South America Deep Space Station Project Department in Argentina and the report of person in charge of American Regional Company on the market development and development plan. He gave the following instructions: firstly, change the thinking and use CCCC brand more; secondly, the core teams should establish a better communication mechanism and realize effective connection with CHEC Head Office; thirdly, while consolidating and strengthening the market of Jamaica and Caribbean and the framework project, realize the diversified development and seek for investment opportunities in the sectors of power and water supply which are related to people's life in Americas; lastly, seize the opportunity of intergovernmental cooperation with Bolivia and Argentina and so on, make short-term actions, medium-term reserve and long-term plan and further enhance the leadership.

Besides, Mr. Mo visited President of Panama Barrera. Mr. Barrera stated that the existing infrastructure of Panama could not meet the social development needs and that it would focus on improving the infrastructure, such as roads, tracks, water supply and sewage treatment and so on in the next five years and release a huge market demand. CHEC had a powerful technical strength and advanced management experience in the infrastructure construction field, so he hoped that CHEC could actively participate in the infrastructure construction of Panama. Mr. Mo Wenhe introduced the development of primary business of CHEC, saying that CHEC had advanced construction technology and rich management experience in the infrastructure field and was willing to actively participate in the infrastructure construction market of Panama, seek for investment opportunities and further expand the development space.

The person in charge of American Regional Company was also present.