Mo Wenhe and Bai Yinzhan Met with Yang Jianzhong - Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Area in Jiangsu
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On December 15th, CHEC Chairman Mo Wenhe and Vice President Bao Yinzhan met with the visiting delegation led by Yang Jianzhong - secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Area in Jiangsu at the company’s headquarters.

Mr. Mo Wenhe introduced to Yang Jianzhong the development situation and business cope of CHEC, and focused on introducing the relevant situation where CHEC actively carried out the investment in overseas industrial park projects based on ports. He stated that promoting the overseas industrial park projects could not only transfer the domestic excess capacity, but also could break the trade barriers of some countries and relieve the trade imbalance between China and relevant countries. CHEC was willing to jointly build the overseas development platform together with Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Area and the enterprises in the area.

Mr. Yang Jianzhong introduced the relevant situation of Tongzhou Demonstration Bay Area. This demonstration area, located in Nantong, Jiangsu, and adjacent to Shanghai, enjoys a good geographical position and large quantities of developable land and rich deepwater port resources and it is a key park in Jiangsu and a national-level demonstration park.

In the talk, both parties agreed that under “the belt and road” initiative, they would further strengthen the cooperation in the overseas industrial park projects, jointly develop the global market, make investments in the overseas industrial parks, maximizing each other's advantages to attract investment jointly and help Chinese enterprises to go global.

Relevant persons responsible for CHEC’s Financial Department and Investment Business Department were also present.