Pakistan Karachi Deepwater Port Terminal was Put into Trial Operation
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On December 9, along with the successful lifting of the first ship of containers, Pakistan Karachi Deepwater Port Terminal constructed by CHEC was formally put into trial operation. This is the first deepwater container terminal with draft of 18m, and also the largest deepwater container terminal in Karachi.

At Karachi Deepwater Port, CHEC constructed four projects including breakwater, terminal, soft foundation treatment and container yard building phase I, whose accumulative contract amount is nearly USD 550 million. The breakwater project was completed in 2013; the soft foundation treatment project was completed in this June; the first three berths of the terminal were completed and handed over from 2015 to 2016; and the last berth and container yard building project are planned to be completed in the first half of 2017.

The design service life of Karachi Deepwater Port Container Terminal is 50 years. After its completion, the terminal will be capable of handling 3.1 million standard containers every year, serving post-Panama container ships, which will enhance the cargo transshipment and throughput of Karachi Deepwater Port and drive the economic development of Karachi and the surrounding areas.