Djakarta “Daan Mogto City” was Open, CCCC Overseas Real Estate Project was Put on Sale for the First Time
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On December 10, a grand opening ceremony of Djakarta “Daan Mogto City” in Indonesia was held. That day, over 1000 customers were attracted, and 308 flats were sold that day, so this project became a dark horse of the real estate market of Indonesia in 2016. As CCCC’s first real estate project which was open for sale in the overseas market, it marks that the development of CCCC’s overseas real estate business enters a new stage.

At 9:00 that day, the opening ceremony was held at “Daan Mogto City” Exhibition Center. His Excellency Xie Feng – the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia, Soegeng – the Indonesian ambassador to China, his Excellency Wang Liping – the Chinese envoy counselor to Indonesia, Zhen Shaohua – Vice President of CCCG, Sun Guoqiang – Chairman of CCCC Real Estate Group,

Lin Yichog – Chairman of CHEC, Li Yongqian – Chairman of Greentown Real Estate Group and Bai Yinzhan – Vice President of CHEC were present at the ceremony and cut the ribbon.

Mr. Zhen Shaohua pointed out in his speech that CCCG, one of the Global 500, is not only the leading enterprise in the global transport infrastructure and relevant fields, but also the enterprise engaged in the real estate business earliest. CCCG had rich experience, professional teams and successful cases. The company is willing to cooperate with the partners and local people of Indonesia to seek common development. CCCG paid much attention to “Daan Mogto City” project and it would concentrate elite forces to build a signature project.

At the ceremony, the guests presented the 5th CHEC scholarship to the excellent students of the President University-Indonesia. This project is the first university scholarship the Chinese companies set up in Indonesia, and the amount of the scholarship every year is over 100 million rupees, which encourages 100 college students to work hard and make contributions to the society.

His Excellency Xie Feng – the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia stated that China and Indonesia had made fruitful cooperation in political and economic fields. China became the third largest source country of investment as for Indonesia. He fully affirmed the struggle history of CCCC in the market of Indonesia in the past 20 years, especially the enterprising spirit of struggling overseas, transforming and upgrading. He appreciated the contribution of CCCC to the education and social undertakings of Indonesia, and hoped that with “Daan Mogto City” as the new starting point, CCCC could continue to make contributions to promoting the economic cooperation between the two countries.

The total investment in “Daan Mogto City” Project exceeds USD 1.2 billion, and it was constructed by three companies under CCCG – CHEC, CCCC Overseas Real Estate and Greentown Real Estate. This project enjoys a good geographical position. It is the first largest real estate project in West Djakarta with a total building area of about 700,000m2. It covers various supporting facilities to satisfy diversified needs and provide the customers with all-round humanistic care , such as apartments, commercial facilities, park and swimming pool.