The Commencement Ceremony of Angola Soyo Ferry Terminal Construction Project was Held
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On the afternoon of November 4 local time, the commencement ceremony of Angola Soyo Ferry Terminal Construction Project constructed by CHEC was held in Soyo City. Over 200 people, including the Minister of Transport of Angola, Governor of Zaire Province, representatives of all sectors of society and media reporters, attended the ceremony.

The project owner, and the representative of CHEC South Africa Regional Company signed the order to commence in the ceremony. The Minister of Transport and Angola and Governor of Zaire Province, in their speeches, fully affirmed the important role of this project in connecting Soyo City, Zaire Province and the adjacent Cabinda Province. They spoke highly of CHEC’s Lobito Project and Namibe Project, expected that CHEC could successfully construct this project and make greater contributions to the development of water transport of Angola.

This project mainly comprises of a 200m-long terminal, including 2 berths which can maximally allow 70.3m-long ro-ro ship to berth and 2 berths which can maximally allow 40m-long passenger ship to berth. At the same time, the waiting hall, shop, hotel, warehouse, repair factory and substation facilities will be constructed behind the terminal, and a new port inspection building will be constructed for Marine Board of Soyo City. After the completion, the project will further meet the goods import and export of Soyo City and Zaire Province and the maritime passenger transport demands, and help to promote the local economic development.