CHEC Received a Letter of Thanks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Surinam
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Several days ago, CHEC Marketing Department received a letter of thanks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Surinam, which expressed thanks to CHEC for its warm reception during the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to China. Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs said the visit to CHEC's head office was one of the highlights in his visit to China, that the broad business scope and large scale of CHEC in the world left a deep impression on him and welcomed CHEC to explore more businesses in Surinam and the possibility of more trade cooperation.

Surinam International Airport Expansion Project is the first project CHEC implements in the market of Surinam, and the first project in Surinam for which the Chinese government provides concessional loan, so it attracts much attention of the governments of two countries and is of great significance. It lays a good foundation for CHEC to explore the market of Surinam in the future.