The Port-opening Ceremony of Port Sudan Livestock Terminal Phase I was Held
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On the morning of December 7, the port-opening ceremony of Port Sudan Livestock Terminal Phase I Project constructed by CHEC was held at Port Sudan. Bakri Hassan Saleh - the First Vice President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Sudan unveiled the plaque and cut the ribbon for the project. The Minister of Transportation of Sudan, governor of Al-Bahral-Ahmar and representatives of all ministries and commissions of the government of Sudan, CHEC Vice President Wu Di and General Manager Huang Daojin of East Africa Regional Management Center attended the ceremony.

The port-opening ceremony was held in a grand and warm atmosphere, and the senior government officials and representatives from different sectors of Sudan gathered at the project site of Port Sudan Livestock Terminal. Mr. Bakri Hassan Saleh shook hands with the representatives from different sectors attending the ceremony, expressed his thanks to CHEC for its high-quality completion of the project and its contributions to the infrastructure construction and economic development of Sudan. He hoped that CHEC could continue to support the economic construction of Sudan, deeply participate in the economic development of Port Sudan and Al-Bahral-Ahmar and jointly well manage and run the Livestock Terminal Joint Venture.

In his speech, Mr. Wu Di expressed his thanks to the great support of the government of Sudan and Sudan Port Authority for CHEC and expressed the positive intention that CHEC would like to participate in the construction of Sudan.

On that evening, at the dinner party to celebrate the opening of the new livestock terminal at the Club of Sudan Port Authority, Mr. Wu Di, on behalf of CHEC, awarded thank-you medal to Mr. Bakri Hassan Saleh.