Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Attends the Inauguration of the Cavite Gateway Terminal
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On November 22, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte attended the inauguration of the Cavite Gateway Terminal, and inaugurated the Terminal. Mr. Ducati - Philippine Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rimola - Governor of Cavite Province, Mr. Kong Qi - Vice President of CHEC and important personalities involved in the carrying out of the project were also present.

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Kong Qi commended the successful completion of the project, expressed his gratitude to President Duterte for his long-term support to CHEC, and focused on introducing CHEC's world-class resource integration and implementation ability in the maritime works. He said CHEC would continue to greatly support the infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

President Duterte concurred to the strength of CHEC and affirmed its efficient performance in the project. He hoped that CHEC would take root in the Philippines and continue to provide support for the infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

After the ceremony, Mr. Kong Qi visited the Cavite Project Department. He admonished the department to continue doing a good job in the tail-in work and summarize project experience to lay a foundation for future great development in the market of the Philippines.

The Cavite Gateway Terminal in the Philippines is one of the projects under the "major and special projects construction" program of the Philippines, and also the first maritime project CHEC has won in the Philippines since 2015. It mainly comprises of a 200m-long caisson-type jetty wharf, 160m-long approach bank, 39,000m2 container yard, access road, general office, wall and gate and other ancillary facilities. Even though the project department surmounted various unfavorable factors, such as tight schedules, slow drawing examination and approval, narrow construction sites and frequent bad weather, it constantly optimized the construction scheme, adjusted the resource allocation, strictly controlled every construction link and formally completed the project on November 9. The built-up Cavite Gateway Terminal can transfer part of the container delivery service to Tansa Town in Cavite, efficiently relieve the heavy congestion at Manila International Container Terminal and drive the local economic development.