The Holding of the Grand Commencement Ceremony of the Fourth Bridge over Panama Canal
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On November 4, the grand commencement ceremony of the Fourth Bridge over Panama Canal was held at Panama Maritime University. Mr. Barreira - President of Panama and Mr. Liu Qitao - Chairman of CCCG attended the ceremony and gave speeches. Mr. Sun Ziyu - Vice President of CCCG, Mr. Chen Zhong - General Manager of CCCG's Overseas Business Department, Mr. Liu Yan - Director of CCCG's CPC Publicity Department, Mr. Lin Yichong - Chairman of CHEC, Mr. Wang Xiaofeng - Vice President of CHEC and General Manager of CHEC America Regional Company and representatives of all units under the Caribbean Rim Regional Center were also present at the ceremony.

In his speech, President Barreira said that since China and Panama established diplomatic relations, the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries became increasingly close and Panama developed rapidly with a great infrastructure market potential, so CCCG was welcome to make investments in Panama and take Panama as the base from which it radiates Latin America, thus helping to develop Panama and this region. He equally expressed his confidence in the construction of the Fourth Bridge over Panama Canal by the joint venture of CCCC and CHEC, and he believed that this venture would further enhance the relations between China and Panama.

In his speech, Mr. Liu Qitao said the reason for the construction of the Fourth Bridge was not only to build the bridge columns and steel cables, but also the public mind of friendship and confidence between China and Panama, and not only to facilitate the transportation and logistics, but also to promote the development opportunity and prosperity of the two countries. Since this is the largest individual bridge project won by the Chinese enterprises in America, CCCG will consider the Fourth Bridge as the "most important project", employ the best resources, carry out scientific management, prioritise quality , ensure safety, perform the contract honestly, so as to build an excellent project, a technological advanced, green and environment-friendly high-standard bridge for local people which will contribute to the promotion of the social and economic development of Panama.

After the commencement ceremony, President Barreira and Mr. Liu Qitao jointly signed the Order to Commence the Fourth Bridge.