President Louren?o of Angola Inspects the Sumbe Project in Angola
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On November 23 afternoon, Jo·o Manuel Gon·alves Louren·o, President of Angola and his wife, Anna Louren·o led several important military and political officials of Angola, including Rodrigo dos Santos, Chairman of Infrastructure and Land Management Enterprise EGTI in Angola to inspect the Sumbe Project in Angola constructed by CHEC, accompanied by all the employees of the Sumbe Project Department.

President Louren·o arrived at the camp area of the Sumbe Housing Construction Project at 13.48p.m. Mr Rodrigo, from the Department of Infrastructure introduced the general construction state of the municipal renovation and housing construction projects under the Sumbe Project. Torres Banga, representative of the DNIP owners, gave a detailed report and introduction on the quality, progress and future plans of both projects. After listening to the comprehensive introduction on the projects from Torres Banga, President Louren?o visited the model homes that had been completed in the project. He spoke lengthily about the project progress and quality, and said that the Angolan government attached great importance to the municipal renovation and housing construction, which will play an important role in improving the housing and living conditions of Angolans . He hoped that CHEC would continue to work hardvin a bid to deliver the project on schedule and with high quality.