CHEC Carries out Compliance Knowledge Training
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On the afternoon of June 1, CHEC held compliance management training in the conference room of its headquarters. More than 20 people attended the on-site training, including Chairman Lin Yichong, President Tang Qiaoliang, Vice Presidents Wang Bo, Kong Qi, Liu Baohe and Wu Di, as well as people in charge of various departments and offices, electro-mechanical equipment branches and business divisions of CHEC. Moreover, more than 500 people attended the video training, including other employees from the headquarters, leading team members of overseas offices, project departments and project companies directly under the administration of the headquarters, regional compliance officers, national compliance officers and compliance staff.

In this training, Guan Fu, General Manager of the Legal Compliance Division of the Overseas Business Department of the Group, was invited to give a talk, and in combination with typical cases, he gave a wonderful explanation on the present international compliance management trend and the Group’s recent compliance system and rules. Guan Fu pin pointed that the international compliance situation is grim at the moment and higher management requirements are proposed for central enterprises. Consequently, we need to firmly build compliance awareness and strengthen compliance risk prevention.

Mr. Lin Yichong recapitulated this compliance training and proposed three requirements for compliance problems and challenges: first, we need to attach great importance to compliance management ideologically to assist in CHEC’s sustainable development. Next, while strictly implementing the compliance requirements of the Group and CHEC, we need to also take into account the improvement of work efficiency, adopt measures based on classification and specific problems. Lastly, the leaders at all levels of CHEC need to set the example in implementing compliance work, offer timely feedback and suggestions, and constantly improve and optimize compliance management.

Thanks to the training, CHEC’s employees have enhanced their compliance awareness, fully realized the complexity of the present international compliance situation and the importance of compliance management for the healthy development of CHEC. All units will implement the compliance requirements of CHEC in operation and production businesses, adhere to the "bottom line", strictly observe the "red line", and promote CHEC’s high-quality, stable and long-term development.