Colombo Port City Project Company Holds an Online Forum with International Think Tanks and Local Mainstream Media
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The Colombo Port City Project Company, along with with international think tanks - PWC (Price Water House Coopers) and Sri Lanka’s think tank LKI (Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies) as well as Sri Lanka’s mainstream media Daily FT, successfully held an online forum with the theme "Colombo Port City: Potential Growth Impact for Sri Lanka" on June 4.

Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja - Executive Director of LKI examined the topic of the "Port City Special Economic Zone - Catalyst for Modern Service in Sri Lanka" with the participants. Thulci - Manager of the Strategy Department of the Project Company was also present at the forum. The participants believed that Colombo Port City, as a new special economic zone of Sri Lanka, is a great competitor and will become a "catalyst" for Sri Lanka's economic development in the future. Meanwhile, the participants had an extensive discussion on the status quo and competitiveness of Sri Lanka's service industry in South Asia, and projected the preferential policies and development prospects indispensible for the Colombo Port City to build a high-end service industry.

Recent LKI reveals that Sri Lanka's economic status after the epidemic will be a rocky one and it has been suggested that Sri Lanka should fully utilize its unique regional geographical strengths to promote the preferential policies of the Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone and drive the economic upswing and development of Sri Lanka.

This online forum was live-streamed on several official social media platforms of the Colombo Port City and was widely covered by local mainstream media.