Project Construction in Cameroon by CHEC successfully Resumes
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On August 8, a total of 149 overseas constructors, including those from six units under the Group, arrived in Cameroon via a private plane. The 99 employees of the Group on the resumption flight shall undertake the construction of several large projects in Cameroon, notably the Kribi Deepwater Port Phase II Project, which provides a strong guarantee for speeding up the work resumption of projects. Moreover, this initiative is the Group's first successful action on providing a private flight for the constructors so they can resume construction on a large scale in Africa.

Since March, CHEC’s original production plans in Cameroon were badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic as the country announced strict anti-epidemic measures such as the complete closure of its borders and the suspension of international flights. In a bid to encourage the work resumption of overseas projects, CHEC created a leading group for work resumption and a front work group, and completed all the preparatory work of all the employees to resume work within a very short time through multi-party collaboration and timely work, including visa processing, nucleic acid test, vaccine injection, pre-trip safety education and issuance of epidemic prevention and health kits. All of the constructors successfully arrived Cameroon at 2:27 pm on August 8 local time. In addition, all staff returning to work strictly followed the epidemic prevention measures throughout the journey, and they shall be quarantined for 14 days after arriving at the project camp, to pay equal attention to work resumption and epidemic prevention and control.

The Group has undertaken several large-scale projects along the “Belt and Road”, such as the Kribi Deepwater Port Phase II Project, the Kribi Deepwater Port Dredge Expressway Project and the Yaoundé-Douala Expressway Project, each being key infrastructure construction projects in the partnership between China and Cameroon.