Prime Minister Brigi Rafini of Niger Inspects the Niger Third Bridge Project Constructed by CHEC
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Prime Minister Brigi Rafini of Niger inspected the China-aided Niger Third Bridge Project constructed by CHEC on August 22. Moktar Kasum - Minister of Youth and Sports of Niger and Ibrahim Issifi Sadou - Minister of Youth Entrepreneurship, were also present at the inspection.

Mr. Rafini listened to the project leader’s report on the construction progress, construction technology, safe and civilized construction, and remaining expropriation and demolition of the project. He also discussed with the construction participants and representatives of the villagers. In an interview with Niger's State Television, Rafini spoke highly of China's advanced bridge construction technology and affirmed the achievements made by the project constructors and the friendly relations they have established with the local population. He said that the government of Niger would continue to focus on project construction, coordinate the resolution of relevant problems, and follow the project through.

The Niger Third Bridge is the largest road and bridge project sponsored by the Chinese government in Africa. The bridge and connecting link are of two-way four lanes with a total length of about 3.7km, of which the main bridge is 960m long, the branch river bridge 120m long, and the connecting link 2.6km long. Its contracted period is 36 months.