CHEC’s Constructors for Projects in Sri Lanka Successfully Resume Work
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On August 31, at about 11:00pm, a plane of Air China chartered by CHEC and its partners successfully landed at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The 168 constructors who came via this private plane began the construction of several key projects under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, including the Colombo Port City project, the Colombo Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project, and the Colombo Housing Construction Project.

The great success of this private flight responds to the call of President Xi Jinping when addressing the president of Sri Lanka by phone, that China and Sri Lanka “should gradually restore pragmatic cooperation in every sector, promote major cooperation projects systematically and promote the high-quality construction of the ‘Belt and Road’ on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control”. In addition, the successful private flight showcases the responsibility of the State-owned enterprises.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 overseas, Sri Lanka announced strict anti-epidemic measures on March 21, including the complete closure of its borders and the suspension of international flights which, to some extent, impacted on the original production schedule of CHEC’s projects in Sri Lanka. The arrival of these constructors provides a guarantee for each project to catch up with the current key construction nodes. Concerning the Colombo Housing Construction Project, a key project node scheduled on September 30 is fast approaching, yet there is insufficient manpower on site. To maintain the Company’s good reputation of completing contracts in Sri Lanka, CHEC immediately set up a special working group after the epidemic was effectively brought under control. Moreover, many departments at home and abroad cooperated to establish a scientific plan, and pursued the fine tradition of successive and cooperative fight. They completed the entire ground work for all the constructors returning to Sri Lanka in a short time, including contacting Air China for a private plane, visa processing, nucleic acid tests, safety education before the journey, and the issuance of epidemic prevention and health packages. Finally, all the constructors arrived in Colombo successfully. All staff resuming work strictly observed epidemic prevention measures throughout the flight, and shall be in strict quarantine for 14 days at designated places as required by the Sri Lankan government.