CHEC Wins the Bid for Sabah Oil Terminal Expansion Project in Malaysia
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On September 23, CHEC won the bargain for Sabah Oil Terminal Expansion Project in Malaysia.

The project is located to the South of the existing Sabah Oil Terminal at the Port of Sabah, Malaysia, the project mainly comprises of construction of a 280m-long approach embankment, a 340m-long approach bridge and a 30m x 50m wharf platform. The embankment is made of gravels; the approach bridge is of piled beam and slab structure, and the wharf platform is of mass concrete structure. There are two berths on both sides of the terminal, which can hold 30,000 tons and 5,000 tons of oil tankers respectively. Above the approach bridge and the approach embankment, there is an oil pipeline on one side and an access road for pedestrians or vehicles on the other .

This project is CHEC’s second entry into Sabah market after 24 years, which lays a good foundation for CHEC’s subsequent operations and development in Sabah.