Road & Bridge
Reconstruction and Improvement of Tuen Mun Road – Sam Shing Hui Section, Hong Kong
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The works include the demolition of the existing pier and construction of a reinforced concrete pier with a roof cover at Sha Tau Kok. The works mainly comprise: 1)Reconstruction and re-alignment of Tuen Mun Road between Siu Lam and Sam Shing Hui to current expressway standard; 2)Widening of traffic lanes to expressway standard width and provision of hard shoulders and verges along Tuen Mun Road; 3)Widening of highway structures including vehicular bridges, box culverts, underpasses and subways; 4)Replacement of the existing road restraint system with new types of parapets and roadside barriers; 5)Reconstruction of at-grade pavements; 6)installation of noise enclosure on Tuen Mun Road at Castle Peak Bay; 7)Ancillary works including slope, drainage, landscaping, water and utility works, provisioning works for traffic control surveillance, firefighting systems and modification of direction signs to current expressway standard; Routine road maintenance works.